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Questions and Answers

General FAQs

A. These products are a kind of shelves for bathroom which can be fixed on smooth/shiny surface as glass or ceramic tile without any construction works by drill or adhesives.
B. This vacuum suction system can be used by anybody easily.
C. Clean the surface intended, and put the product on the surface. Then turn just 60 degrees right to fix the product with “click” sound.
D. Since there is no additional support, it shows so clean/neat looks.
E. Whenever need to move the location, just release it & fix it again as you want.
F. Heavy stuff like as Shampoo bottle can be kept on.
① Applicable Max. weight : 5kg
② Instant Max.

A. Fixing power depends on the surface condition how smooth & clean.
B. On the normal smooth glass & tile the product will be fixed very strongly, thus enough to keep household gears.
C. Clean & attach. Then it can keep the weight up to 5kg.

A. Vacuum suction system cannot be fixed on non smooth wall.
B. In this case, firstly stick the adhesive plate, and fix the product on it.
C. However if the surface is too rough, the sticky tape on the backside of adhesive plate can be taken apart.

A. When tile has embossed pattern or non-shiny surface, the suction can be detached after a certain time. In this case, firstly stick adhesive plate on the surface, and use our product.
B. But the sticky tape at the backside of adhesive plate even cannot be stuck on too-rugged surface.

A. Normally any vacuum-suction products cannot be used on the surface of real wood due to air-breathing characteristic of wood. Adhesive plate should be stuck first, and fix our product on it.

A. Attached product can be detached at any time. Just turn the suction cup body to counterclockwise & lift the open tap on suction plate up (refer to the brochure).
B. By turning suction cup body to counterclockwise, the vacuum-suction state can be released. Trying to detach by force without this release procedure can damage the product or your finger nail.
C. In case of too strong suction power even after the release procedure (turn 60 degrees left), put a piece of paper under the open tap of suction plate.

Queary About Attachment

A. Flat & smooth surface like as glass or ceramic tile (where the vacuum status can be kept)
B. For a little rough glass or tile surface, firstly stick the adhesive plate which has sticky tape at its backside, and after 72 hours attach the suction cup of product. The sticky tape can be come apart by early use.

Put the suction cup on the surface to use, and press it to release air. Turn 60 degrees to right until hearing the “click” sound which indicates good attachment.

A. Vacuum suction system cannot be fixed on non smooth wall.
B. In this case, firstly stick the adhesive plate, and fix the product on it.
C. However if the surface is too rough, the sticky tape on the backside of adhesive plate can be taken apart.

Adhesive plate

A. Adhesive plate is a supplementary board to use rough surface where suction system is not working. Front side of this plastic plate is smooth surface but the rear side has sticky tape to be stuck on flat but a little rough surface. After sticking this adhesive plate, the suction cup of our product can be attached.
B. Before sticking the adhesive plate, clean up the surface to get rid of dust, water or oil.
C. Take off the protection film at the rear side of adhesive plate, and stick it
D. After 72 hours the sticky tape of adhesive plate can be stuck strong enough. Early attaching the product on it can make detaching of the sticky tape.

A. Used adhesive plate cannot be reused. Before stick it, please confirm the position once again, and carefully stick it.

A. On very rough surface, even the stick sticky tape cannot function. Please find flat & relatively smooth (not so rough) surface.

A. When you want to remove the adhesive plate from wall, put a tip of screw driver under the adhesive plate, and lift it up a little by little. Intensive force can damage the wall or broken adhesive plate can hurt human beings. The remaining stuff of sticky tape can be removed by smearing with fingers.

Special Features

DeHub products can be fixed on the surface of glass or tile without any adhesive.
Then, additional work (nail, hammer, cement & etc.) is not needed.
No stain after use, it has no functional lowering by repeated use.
Anyone can use easily the way of fixing, rotating simply 60 degrees.

Differing from other air-suction systems, our DeHUB products can be fixed by rotating simply 60 degrees Coming out from the unified design, various colors & designs can be applied to be used for any purpose at any place. Our design team & production team are working for constant development for new products & ceaseless upgrade for existing products to follow needs from the worldwide market.

Questions about products

At first, clean up the surface where our product will be located and bottom of the product (Suction plate). Press the center part of the product (Suction cup) at the fixing location, and rotate the body of Suction cup keeping the pressure to center part. Hearing the sound of “Clack” just by rotating 60 degrees, it is fixed.

Any glossy/plain surface like as glass or tile can be used.
i.e.) High glossy coated wood surface, glossy metal or plastic.
However, in case of scratch or dusts on the surface, it falls down easily.

Using adhesive DeHUB plate, DeHUB products can be used on the surface of wooden wall or door.
How to use adhesive plate 1. clean the front surface for fixing 2. remove the red-colored film 3. fix the product (after 24 hours the strongest sticking power of adhesive plate can be secured)
*Caution : Do not try to fix DeHUB products on curved surface, uneven surface, concrete, textile, wall paper, and the surface where the covered paint can be damaged.

On the rough base surface by dirt, dust & etc., air leakage can be occurred, and product can be released. Check & clean the base surface once again, press the center of Suction cup to remove air under Suction Plate. Keeping the pressure, rotate the body of Suction cup for 60 degrees up to hear clack sound.

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